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Summary of 2 units | Sociology homework help

Unit 1: Introduction to LGBTQ+ life and leadership 
            Reading material: 1.  Social Justice Terminology  
                                         2.  Diversity and Social Justice Glossary 
                                         3.   Mapping the margins: Intersectionality, identity politics, and violence against women of color. 
                                         4.  Queer theory for everyone: A review essay. 
                                         5.   Queer and Now 
                                         6.  Queer Feelings. 
Unit 4: LGBTQ+ Workforce 
            Reading material: 1.   “Justice for all”: An examination of self-identified LGBT job satisfaction in the US federal workforce: Examining LGBTs federal job satisfaction. 
                                         2. Employment discrimination against LGBT persons 
Each group should submit the progress they have made thus far on their group assignment. This assignment allows the instructor to provide feedback to students on their collaborative project.
Students will be assigned groups at the onset of the semester. Each group is expected to summarize each of the broad topics covered each week and provide examples of the theory’s/topics application in current literature. Each section should be summarized in at least 500-600 words, and must demonstrate an understanding of the theory and provide an example from current literature. Students can exceed the 500-600 word count if they desire, but brevity and conciseness are expected. In lieu of the paper, groups can make a video following the same guidelines. Each paper/video must have a minimum of 14 external scholarly sources (at least two for each week, not including the course readings). The paper and/or reference section of the video should adhere to APA formatting guidelines. The video option should include a narration and subtitles. For example, a YouTube video with closed captioning or a PowerPoint show with verbal audio is sufficient. Video options should be at least 10-15 minutes in length.  Each paper and/or video should be organized by unit with clearly titled subheadings in APA format. However, students should integrate material across units to demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the interweaving of the weekly concepts.

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