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Special Education Videos – nursing writers

For this assignment, you will watch the videos listed below, answer the corresponding questions and answer each question in 4 to 6 sentences.
If you have any questions, I check back often to answer about the assignment.

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Video Links:
DC Prep – Snapshot of an Elementary Special Education Lesson –
Early Education Enrichment one hour class observation –
Correction of Reading Disabilities- Formal Observation –
Classroom Observation unit 3 lesson 4-video 2/3 –
Observation video –
Miss Reid teaching Science in A Special Education Classroom –
1-Were there any exceptional students in the class? Describe their characteristic, and their level of participation.
2-Describe how the classroom teacher differentiated instruction or instructional modifications for remedial and gifted students.
3-Describe how the classroom teacher used assistive technology to help all students learn.
4-If you were teaching this grade level and subject, what would you do differently, and why?
5- Please expand on your personal thoughts and reflections about what was observed and how you might incorporate what you learned into your own classroom.
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