South Dakota’s Response to COVID-19

Discussion: Sustainable Business Practices
May 15, 2020
May 15, 2020

Write an essay of fifteen pages that examines an issue related to South Dakota. (South Dakota’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic).  Your essay should make a point. This paper should incorporate at least 10 sources. Try to approach the topic from the perspective of at least two different disciplines (e.g. economics and political science or history and law).

Please format your essay according to MLA 8th edition.

Youll write the essay in three stages after conducting your research. The first (partial) draft will be subject to guided peer review in an in-class workshop. The following week, after carefully considering your reviewers feedback and completing your essay, youll submit a completed draft for comments that will guide your revision process. The final draft will be fully graded and counts for quite a lot of your final grade.

Length: 15 pages (not including your works cited page)
Sources: 10
Peer review draft due: April 9 at 8am (Central)


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