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  1. Meeting and diagnosing the guests of an imagined party (10 points) Meet and Diagnose: 2. The invitation contains a description and picture of each guest. 3. Each guest has some type of personalit
June 11, 2021
write a book review for the book james m mcpherson for cause and comrades why men fought in the civil war
June 11, 2021



650 word count

3  scholarly references minimum

Read the article: 11 Reasons Why People Love and Use Social Media

Article link

Now find a different article that provides valid information sharing a different perspective on utilizing social media. As you evaluate the key points and information shared within both articles, write a 3 page, APA formatted essay addressing the following criteria:

·  Briefly summarize the positive and negative aspects of utilizing social media.

·  Discern how those positive and negative aspects impact individuals differently (i.e. different generations, reasoning for using social media, etc.).

·  Share your own ideas on how individuals and society as a whole can create a balance between those positive and negative aspects of utilizing social media.


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