Small Assignment FOR KIM WOODS

questions to be answered in paragraphs
January 5, 2021
Roundhouse novel
January 5, 2021

This is the assignment. My portion of the assignment is noted below the bullet points (its a team assignment).

  Describe the scenario.Describe the student’s behavior that you wish to influence.Describe how you would use feedback and praise with your student to elicit the desired behavior

Analysis of at least 100 words on how we believe this (feedback and Praise) will work to influence the behavior.


The behavior is procrastination.

 Scenario is:

Student A has been exhibiting a behavior pattern the past few months. Student is falling behind on assignments turning them a day or two late. I don’t believe she sees a problem since her grades have not been affected r grades. Scores in exams and class participation are still high enough to maintain an above average grade. Unfortunately this is of great concern because the behavior seems to be increasing and affecting her team projects. As a facilitator I feel I need to try to assist the student with her procrastination and help modify that behavior which had not been shown previous semesters. 

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