Singapore Banks Promotional Effects On Customers

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January 5, 2021
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January 5, 2021


Involuntary influences are rooted in the very nature of the stimuli. Some marketing stimuli draw so much attention that consumers will find it difficult to tune them out, even when consumers make a concerted attempt to ignore them.

Examine the extent to which banks in Singapore have been successful and effective in using involuntary influences to promote their credit cards among consumers.

General advice

Consumers are exposed to so much marketplace information that they cannot possibly process and think about each and every product-related piece of data they encounter. The allocation of attention is influenced by both voluntary and involuntary factors. For instance, salient stimuli draw consumers’ attention involuntarily. However, unlike salient stimuli, vivid stimuli are attention-drawing across all contexts. A clear understanding of involuntary influences enables marketers to more effectively design and implement marketing strategies.

Relevant Material

In order to answer the question, you will have to use information from Chapter 4 of the textbook (attached at:!/4/4@0:0.00 let me know if you can’t access). However, you should read widely and beyond the textbook in order to add depth to your essay. Reference to relevant research studies and examples will attract more marks. The information in the textbook is limited so you are advised to go beyond the textbook and course material to search for relevant information and incorporate them in your discussion.

Your answer should begin with an introduction that will outline what materials you will cover and what your basic argument will be. When planning and writing your essay, remember that argument and critical evaluation will attract more marks than a descriptive essay. This essay does ask for some description but it goes on to ask for more analytical, argument-driven material and this is where marks are to be earned. Remember to cite your sources and provide complete references to them.

Please site at least 6 references.

Reference for my textbook:

Kardes, F. R., Cronley, M. L., & Cline, T. W. (2015). Consumer behavior (2nd ed.). Cincinnati, OH: Cengage Learning.


I have done a few research and it looks like HSBC is the best bank to write on. Here are some information on their marketing that you can use.…………

Also, as this is an argumentative essay, perhaps you can throw in a few competitive brands (be it whether they are also successful or otherwise).… Like how OCBC is targeting millennials,… or UOB targeting women.


Do include these points to back up your argument. Further explanation can be found in the textbook!/4/4@0:0.00 let me know if you can’t access.

Involuntary Influences:

1) Salient Stimuli

– A novel stimulus
– The intensity of a stimulus

2) Vividness

– emotionally interesting
– concrete and imagery provoking
– proximate in a sensory, temporal, or spatial way

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