simple question 11

Find 2 matching pairs of expressions: A) 1 + 2m + 3 B) 2 + m…
June 17, 2021
survey paper on computer security of automated vehicles
June 17, 2021

Listen to the Mere Rhetoric podcast, “What is Rhetoric (Links to an external site.)?” and peruse these scholarly definitions (Links to an external site.) of rhetoric, and then respond to the following prompt:

First, list and discuss your 3-5 primary takeaways from the podcast. Why do you think there are so many (different) definitions of rhetoric? Which definition(s) of rhetoric resonate with you the most? Explain. In what ways does the Mere Rhetoric podcast help to clarify what rhetoric is and how it’s thought about today? Where might you see rhetorical strategies being applied in your profession?


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