Schedule cost control techniques

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February 8, 2018
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February 9, 2018

Schedule cost control techniques
Individual Portion (Part 1)

Based on the work you did with your group, do the following:
Assign an initial work effort to each of the activities from the WBS.
Provide an estimation framework for the WBS.
The framework should be estimated in days.
Submit your estimation framework to your group by adding your file to the Small Group area.
Group Portion (Part 2)

After analyzing each member’s submission, go to the Small Group Discussion Board, and provide your insight on each member’s Part 1 Individual Portions.
Come to a consensus on the appropriate work effort for each activity.
Calculate estimates in days of work effort (not duration).
Individual Portion (Part 2)

Based on the agreed WBS and estimates,
apply the standard PERT estimating formula and calculate the expected estimate (Te) for each activity.
Download and use this table to complete the estimates.
explain the purpose behind the PERT calculations.
Submitted Assignment:
This is portions to a group assignment. Please log onto my school page and click on the schedule cost control techniques and click on group project and group discussion board. Review the messages from the group in the small group discussion and proceed with the assignment. The WBS is completed. They will start assigning the individual portions. I will upload a chart to use. You can review the group project details. If more time is needed to wait on response from the group please let me know.