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Safety Program: Evaluation |

6CT1: Safety Program: Evaluation
To assess a program, the safety professional needs to determine what areas of the program need to be reviewed and how to review them. Each program has its own needs; no two programs will be exactly alike – because no two industries or companies for that matter are alike. Think about the differences in how you would evaluate a Respiratory Protection Program and a Confined Spaces Program for Wildcat Welding & Manufacturing.
For this modules assignment:

Create an outline that includes at a minimum the following areas:

what areas of your Respiratory Protection program will need to be reviewed (permits, assessments, monitoring equipment, exposure monitoring results, etc.)
how they will be reviewed (is it an audit, is it management review, etc.),
what lagging and leading indicators you will need to consider
how often the areas of the program should be evaluated.

Remember, every last bit of the information you are looking for will be in the OSHA Standard. Remember to document the regulations where the information is located. Upload your assignment in a Word document to Blackboard.

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