safety of BPA use in consumer products?

Identify a plant or animal toxin, discuss the environment in which the organism that produces the toxin thrives and how the toxin works to produce harmful effects.
December 14, 2017
environmental occupational toxicant
December 14, 2017

Unit III Journal
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Do a quick search on Bisphenol A (BPA). Based on the findings in your search and the text discussion on BPA, what are your thoughts on the safety of BPA use in consumer products? Do you believe the U.S. Food & Drug Administration’s (FDA) position on BPA is valid? Why might the concern of BPA in baby products, such as bottles and pacifiers, be of greater concern than other products for the general population? Would you let your baby drink from a bottle with BPA?
Your journal entry must be at least 200 words. No references or citations are necessary.