Rolling Element (anti-friction) Bearings

i have two questions you should answer each question with a minimum of 700 words to maximum 1000 words you can use outside source but you have to paraphrase everything should be in your own words you should use apa format for references
May 5, 2021
May 5, 2021

The final report is to contain the following items:

Cover Page, The cover page is to include the following information:

Project name, Student Name, Student Number

      Course #, Semester, Instructors name, Date

Table of contents

Introduction (1 page)

      Briefly describe your project (200 words)

Describe in detail the topic objectives

It must include some of the following:

All sketches / drawings / Calculations in detail

Calculation of materials indices and reasons for materials selection.

Estimation of stresses, component life, safety factor, etc if required

Discuss its advantages and disadvantages of your mechanical component

Conclusions (~200 words)

References & Appendices

      Detailed calculations, tables used, web-page visited, similar designs available, etc.

You need to write the equations used clearly in the text.

General arrangement drawing of component Solid works, Component Pictures

Where appropriate supply pictures of the component individually and in place to show its context.

Supporting documentation and any other research documentation that was used in the component analysis.


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