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Risks and rewards related to a management problem solution

I need at least two pages excluding cover and reference.  Requires at least two references.  After handshake, I will provide my previous papers leading up to this one as reference since this paper is a follow on to them.  Please do not restate the problem or solution; only what this paper is asking for.  Please do not send handshake if you are not able to meet my deadline.
Instructions: Read the material at the sites listed in the Week 4 Lessons folder to help guide you assess the risks and rewards related to the solution(s) to the management problem you are exploring. Complete a 2-4 page paper discussing the risks and rewards to your client as they relate to the management problem are exploring during this course.Submission Instructions: Upload the paper to your Week 4 Assignment folder.
hen reflecting on business risks for the identified solutions, here are some things to consider for your client: 

·      What changes of roles and responsibilities would be required with personnel changes?
·      What is the succession plan?
·      What new systems or skills will employees need to gain?  What is the financial cost?
·      What interdepartmental changes need to be made (manufacturing, sales, delivery, financial and IT)?
·      Would communication barriers increase or decrease?
·      How would the proposed solutions impact clients?  Would it increase their engagement level?
·      Would the changes impact the brand or reputation in the industry?

While these are not all-inclusive questions, they can provide guidance and clarity when developing the Risk Assessment.  Risk analysis should be completed for each proposed solution.  

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