Risk Response

Conduct research and write an essay that discusses the statement: “Young public leaders struggle with maintaining strict ethical standards because they have little experience.”Defend your statemen
June 11, 2021
summary of research article
June 11, 2021

1 to 3 page essay

You are preparing the
project risk-management plan for review with the sponsor and your manager. You
have identified the risks, assessed the probabilities and impacts, and created
your responses. You now need to present the comprehensive plan and gain the
buy-in from the sponsor on the risk-management plan.

Individual Guidelines:

  • Create
    risk responses (reduce probability, reduce impact, and respond) for
    each of the 15 risks you identified and assessed in the prior unit.

    • Use either Word or Excel to record this information.
  • The 15 risks that was completed is attached.


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