Risk of Crime

January 5, 2021
Answer the two questions below based on chapter 4 and biological theory of aging.
January 5, 2021


To prepare Review the Learning Resources focusing on the risk factors that could lead to criminal behavior. Examine the Risk Assessment Template in the Learning Resources. Choose a case study from the Week 3 Case Studies which you did not use for the Discussion.

To complete

In a 3- to 5-page paper: Summarize the case. Identify demographics and risk factors (e.g., acute, direct, proxy, short and long-term) that are present in the case that contribute to the subject becoming a victim or offender. Identify and evaluate the risk factors that are prone to influence a person, once they have committed their first crime, to continue engaging in criminal behavior. For victims of crime, identify and evaluate factors that would facilitate continued victimization. Explain if there is a correlation between risk factors and the types of crimes that are likely to occur. Rate the subject (Scale of 1–10) as to how likely is it that he/she will commit a crime or become a victim. Include supporting evidence of your conclusions.


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