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Review your Self-Care Plan and choose one strategy to implement.

Week 5
Discussion 2: Document Your Self-Care Plan
Good planning without good working is nothing.
—Dwight D. Eisenhower
Plan your work and work your plan.
—Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich
In the previous Module, you created a Self-Care Plan to help you develop and maintain your personal and professional well-being. This plan includes strategies to help you make progress in particular areas of interest without losing site of overall wellness.
But a plan by itself is just words on a page. Implementing the plan is as critical as developing the plan. This Discussion is meant to help you get started on working your plan.

For this Discussion, you will implement one strategy in your Self-Care Plan.

To Prepare:

· Review your Self-Care Plan and choose one strategy to implement.

By Day 4

Post the implementation of your strategy. Include the following:

· Describe the implementation of your strategy. For example, if your strategy is to walk your dog for 30 minutes a day, identify the time and day of your walks, or post a photo from one of your walks.

· Describe how the implementation of your strategy went. Please feel free to be creative with how to submit. Some ideas for submission are pictures, audio, video, or text.

· Have fun with this check-in! Be creative. No citations or extra research are necessary.

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