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Review the business case and procurement strategy for Sydney Metro West… 1 answer below »

Students are to review the business case and procurement strategy for Sydney Metro West. The types of questions that students are encouraged to ask include: • Does the project have a clear rationale? • What problem is it trying to solve? • How does the project fit with Government’s strategic plans and priorities? • Why should the project be progressed now? • Is the project justified economically? • Does the private sector have the capability and the appetite to deliver the project? • Does the private sector have the potential to deliver a value for money solution? • What are the potential value for money drivers? • What benefits will be delivered by the project? • What mechanisms can be applied to incentivise performance and how can this be measured? • Who are the key stakeholders and what approach to stakeholder consultation and community engagement has been undertaken? • What alternative project structures and approach to packaging and procurement could be adopted? • What are the key project risks and how are these to be mitigated and allocated? • What public interest issues have been considered and how has the public responded? The recommended approach is to identify the issues that need to be considered in assessing the above. Where information is not readily available, students should propose what they believe is the correct approach. Do not spend time unnecessarily paraphrasing the case study or simply restating the project description. It is recommended that students spend time researching the above projects and use the opportunity to ask relevant questions to guest speakers and identify issues for class discussion. In order to provide guidance on how to approach the assignment, some time will be allocated for class discussion on similar case studies including: • Sydney Metro NorthWest/City and SouthWest • Melbourne Metro • Cross River Rail • Lane Cove Tunnel • WestConnex • North East Link • Sydney Light Rail • Parramatta Light Rail 3 It is recommended that students spend some time researching the above projects to get the most benefit from the class discussion. Students will be expected to complete assignments (of 2,500 words max). The Due Date for the assignment is Thursday 6 September. A hard copy report must be handed to the course tutor in the relevant class. It should be printed on A4 size pages and bound in a folder and stapled in the top left hand corner. The front page must contain the following information: course code and name, student name/s and IDs, assignment name, date of submission. It is your responsibility to keep a copy of the assignment in case the submitted report gets lost. Assignments will be assessed on the basis of technical content, source materials, presentation, points made demonstrating critical thinking and insight, logic of arguments, referencing and strength of conclusions. A written assignment is a means of communication. You should structure it so that it is easy for the reader to understand, using paragraphs to separate points and subheadings to highlight subject matter. Given the practical nature of this course, tables and bullets are advised.

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