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May 5, 2021
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May 5, 2021

Please note that the teacher marked me down for reference, she really wants an ENGLISH TITLED PEER REVIEWED NURSING JOURNAL. (Thanks :))

APA format: The letter h in Running head is not capitalized. The title after the words, Running head, is related to the title of the paper (review guidelines for formulating a running head). No first initials used for in text citation. The reference page is alphabetized. Remove hyperlinks from the reference page.

Please, respond to the following discussion, the response requires reference from one peer-reviewed Nursing journal not older than 5 years from database and not internet.

There are several ways nurses can make an impact on helping in improving health disparities within vulnerable populations. Involvement in developing a program that target a population and a health issue within that population is an option. There needs to be several individuals involved in the development of a program and keeping it running. Going out there and becoming involved in an issue that means something as a health care provider could be the first step into addressing health disparities. The textbook gives several examples in chapter 22 of programs that the textbook’s authors have been involved in (De Chesnay & Anderson, 2016).

While nurses are working, whether it’s in the inpatient or outpatient setting, they can educate themselves about the various groups of vulnerable populations the tend to at work. Making an effort to learn a language from a minority group would help in taking care of the patient, and in providing education during the hospital stay or visit to an outpatient center. Many factors effect vulnerable populations, nurses can as they are in the forefront of patient care, can advocate for their patients (Strunk, Townsend-Rocchiccioli & Sanford, 2013).


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