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​In his statement before the court in Virginia, John Brown
January 24, 2021
Research Paper on African American Women Struggling to breastfeed their own children
January 24, 2021

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Adrienne Cason

I identify as a Heterosexual, Caucasian American woman. I have never been taught much about my heritage or ancestry, so I recently did a DNA test from an online ancestry site. The results were such a mix that it doesn’t much change my view towards my identity.

I think of myself as very “middle-of-the-road” in my thinking. Everyone has an opinion they are entitled to, and every story has a side. In addition, every person of faith has reasons for why they believe what they believe. It is not my job to try and change them or their thoughts in any way. I feel I accept everyone as they are, and treat them with kindness. If they treat me with equal respect, there is never a reason to be unkind.

If you look back on my life, from a very early age, I have had much difficulty. It still affects who I am as a person today. Even though it has given me incredible strength, it has also given me life-long depression issues.

1. I neglected to include my age, which didn’t occur to me. However, I do belong to a specific demographic, so maybe that would have been important to add.

2. The statement most important to me is the fact that I have grown strong through adversity. If I included all of the things I had been through, it would be apparent to everyone just how strong one would be to make it through. The least important might be that I am American. “Human being” feels more appropriate.

3. I definitely to not relate to any cyber or fantasy identity. I’m not a believer in horoscopes, and I have no interest in video games or fantasy. I’m familiar with Comic Con and other such groups, and more power to them. I feel anyone who enjoys that should do it with zeal.

4. One identity I did not include (and maybe should have) is an organizational identity. I’m not part of an organization, and I am definitely not a “joiner”. However, I really enjoy swing dance, and will participate when there is one local and I have the time.

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