Respond to two question-sets from A-C

DB – Week 6
January 3, 2021
For this final assignment, research a variety of integral concepts impacting the health care sector. Specifically, identify, explain, and discuss the following.
January 3, 2021

Respond to two question-sets from A-C, two question-sets from D-H, and two question-sets from I-K. You do not need to respond to every question within each set, but your responses should demonstrate that you have read the assigned chapter and watched each of the assigned broadcasts. Your comments, reflections, and opinions on any side of the issues discussed in this module are welcome. Your total posting should be at least 250 words.

A) Summarize and comment upon Las Casas’ response to the situation he found prevailing in the Spanish colonies in the “New World.”

B) Latino Catholics are the largest, youngest, and fastest growing group of Catholics in the United States. Based on the broadcast, in what ways do Latino Catholics influence and/or bring unique expressions to Catholicism in the United States?

C) Although both historically and presently, the majority of Latin Americans and Latinos in the United States have been and remain fervently devout Catholics, there has also been, and is, a strong element of anti-clericalism (opposition to the dominance of priests in church and society) among many Latinos, especially Mexicans and Mexican-Americans. From what we have read/listened to regarding the history of Catholicism in Latin America, what factors might have contributed to this paradox of widespread devotionalism frequently combined with an equally deep and strong anti-clericalism? In what ways, if any, might this relate to our reading from the works of the Spanish Dominican priest Las Casas?

D) How did England view the religious dimension of its efforts at exploration and colonization of territories in the “New World”?

E) What similarities &/or differences do you see between the Spanish Catholic colonial project in the “New World” and the English Protestant colonial project in the “New World”?

F) How were early evangelical dissenters received in colonial Virginia?-in the major tidewater establishments?-in the outlying mountainous regions?-among whites?-among blacks? What was James Madison’s reaction?

G) Characterize the differences in attitude toward women’s religious roles among evangelicals & among Anglicans in colonial Virginia?

H) Characterize the major differences between the positions of Patrick Henry on the one hand, and Madison/Jefferson on the other regarding the issue of ” established religion” (government-affiliated/sponsored religion) in Virginia? How did eventual legislative resolution of this issue affect the situations of evangelicalism and Anglicanism in Virginia?

I) There are tensions and debates within the Anglican Church over the issue of homosexuality and the role of homosexuals within the clergy. What are some of the issues for the two sides in this debate, and how does each side support its position? What role does interpretation of scripture play in this debate? In your opinion how much of this split has to do with cultural differences and how much with religion? What do these debates, splits, negotiations, differences, and relationships within and between Anglicans tell us about religion in general and/or about religion in America?

J) What is Bishop Schori’s view of the relationship between religion and science? How does her view accord with or differ from the views of this relationship expressed by other religious groups/spokespersons?

K) Bishop Schori spoke of a “stained-glass ceiling” for women-do you think there is a stained-glass ceiling in other religious traditions-e.g. other branches of Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Islam, etc.?


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