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For this assignment, you will apply what you have learned about APA formatting to research and format a document. 

Once you receive feedback on your APA formatting, I encourage you to make any necessary revisions, then save the document as a template for future APA formatted assignments!


The topic for this paper is: What makes effective non-verbal communication?


To prepare you for this assignment, please review the following videos, watching the non-verbal communication by each speaker:










You may choose any subtopics to study for this paper, but you’ll want to focus on the main topic.  


Remember to avoid blogs and Wikipedia for your research.  You should only use scholarly articles such as those found in journals, and for this assignment.  Magazines and newspapers are fine, too.  Government websites also “count” as scholarly research.  A good way to find scholarly resources is use the CWU library or “google scholar,” a special search engine that retrieves academic and scholarly articles.  




Well-researched discussion on effective non-verbal communication

No longer than four pages, including title page and reference page.   Note:  If you include an abstract, please increase your paper length to five pages.  

APA formatted title page

APA formatted headings and page numbers (need to use at least three level headings)

APA formatted in-body citations (at least three)

APA formatted reference page (at least three references)

Introduction and Conclusion 

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