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my topic about ,what is human resources technology ,how does this HR technology different from before with how it is today?i want powerpoint slide. n paper
Select a topic in the area of human resources (i.e. selection, recruitment, performance appraisals). The objective is to develop an in depth knowledge in one area that is of interest to you. Special attention should be placed on the role and challenges of human resources in today’s organization. Make sure your topic is specific and addresses a relevant HR topic.
Paper Structure:(1) Cover Page. Include the title of paper, your name, course, and date.(2) Introduction. Describe the structure of your paper and the human resources topic that you chose to focus on and why.(3) Literature Review. Describe the current research regarding the human resources topic you chose.(4) Discussion. Discuss your topic and the relevance.(5) Solution. Make research-based recommendations to help organizations implement your solution to the HR problem or issue.(6) References. A minimum of four peer-reviewed journal articles is required. Papers that do not have a minimum of four peer-reviewed journal articles will not receive a passing grade.
Paper should be a minimum of 6 pages not including cover and reference pages. Number your pages. Follow APA format for your paper. Use Times New Roman 12pt font, 1” margins, and double-spaced.

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