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Research methodology & writing | Information Systems homework help

I am going to be highly critical of this section, as I’ve warned all semester long. Do not be vague here.
Document criteria:

Minimum 1500 words
Must contain explicit subsections appropriate to paradigm
Stating your method is not enough. You must go further.

If you’re doing interviews, we need to see a guide with citations and critical analysis
If you’re analyzing a tool, we need significant details and visualization
Must say WHY you’re choosing your method, CITE it, DEFEND it

Must contain explicit data analysis plan

“I’m going to read” is not an analysis plan
If you’re doing qualitative analysis, you must lay out your theoretical framework and explain how you will interpret and arrive at your answers
If you are doing quantitative research, we need an explicit discussion of how you assembled your study. Questionnaire? Where did you get the questions/scales from and what are they assessing? How are they evaluated (likert scale? semantic differential?)?

Minimum 5 citations

Attached is the ppt of methods in my class session for reference

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