Relationship between entrepreneurism and entrepreneurship

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June 21, 2017
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June 21, 2017

TIPS: Responses that receive the most points will include the following:
1. Mistake free mechanics and formatting. Be certain to informally cite sources used. For instance, According to course discussions led by Dr. Stapleton, … According to John Doe in his article titled, Entrepreneurism Rocks, ….
2. Accurate and carefully articulated content. DO NOT simply restate information that was shared from the materials or discussions in the course. And answers that include information from sources outside those used in class.
3. Responses that logically tie together content, application, and personal reflection.
1. Discuss the important relationship between entrepreneurism and entrepreneurship.
2. Through the course videos we discussed three types of establishments; salary substitute, lifestyle, and entrepreneurial. Compare and contrast these types and the impact of each on society and the economy.
3. Course materials established that aspiring entrepreneurs should avoid the temptation to begin the entrepreneurship process by brainstorming ideas. Explain why the process should begin with identifying opportunities, and the importance of fit between internal opportunities and external opportunities.
4. Emerging trends, problems and market gaps are often excellent sources of external opportunities. Why?
5. Describe the BIG Idea modeling framework and how it serves as a tool to transition from opportunity recognition to organizing the elements of a business, to make the most of the opportunity.