reflection paper – 1400 words

What lessons from the use of epidemiology in the eradication of smallpox might be applicable to this selected problem?
January 5, 2021
Explain in detail using a minimum of 100 words how the principles of ethics can assist in finding a middle ground on the topics of abortion and cloning? 
January 5, 2021

1) Discuss three things that you have learned/are taking away from this course.

  • Please make sure to describe your reasons for selection and the key processes that made these particular lessons impactful to you. For example, readings and connection to personal experiences and hearing others’ stories, and democratic and dialogical method of course, etc.

2) Describe your experience with democratic education online. Specifically, what do you think are the affordances and challenges of online education in achieving a democratic exchange between all participants? How about in the development of students’ critical consciousness and as agents of change?

3) Describe the impact that you think our team-teach sessions have had on your learning? At a minimum, please make sure to discuss the following:

  • What did you learn by being able to develop a lesson plan and modules with your team members and then implement it in class?
  • What more did you learn about the material (concepts and theories) in this course through the team-teach sessions facilitated by your colleagues?

4) Looking back at your Baseline Reflection Survey, what perspectives/understandings regarding the intersections between education and society have shifted or significantly changed for you? Why?

5) What questions have emerged for you after taking this course?

6) Any other information that you would like to share regarding your learning experience in W 190 this fall?

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