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Reader Response Theory – Empire Essays

Reader Response TheoryResearch Paper on the Reader Response Theory1. Write an introduction explaining the reader response theory2. Spend at least eight weeks with a group of 10 fourth grade students3 Select two or three books for students to read independently.4. Have students respond to the books in writing5. Analyze and categorize the responses (Create a chart for the categories)6. Write a narrative to describe your findings7. Describe how you would use this as an assessment tool6. Support the findings with at least six references7. Demonstrate that the response theory addresses National Standards (IRA/NCTE8. Reflect on the experience9. Use the rubric below as a guide10. 18 pages or more including reference pageRubric for Research Paper on the Reader Response TheoryElements PointsIntroduction 2Selection of books for independent reading 2Analysis and categorization of responses (Include a chart) 8Narrative describing findings 6Link between instruction and assessment 5Research which support findings 5National standards 2Reflection 2Total 30

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