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Read the article on locus of control concerning Ozen et al., (2011) and academic performance.

Required Textbook Readings:

Schultz, D.P., & Schultz, S.E. (2012). A History of Modern Psychology, (Ed. 10th).

Chapter 9, Behaviorism: Antecedent Influences
Chapter 10, Behaviorism: The Beginnings
Chapter 11, Behaviorism: After the Founding

Required Articles:

Ozen Kutanis, R., Mesci, M., & Ovdur, Z. (2011). The effects of locus of control on learning performance: A case of academic organization. Journal of Economic and Social Studies, 1(2), 113-131 (ATTACHED BELOW)

Required Multimedia:

Personality Test Center, Locus of Control Test
How to Assess Locus of Control

Background Information:
According to Julian Rotter, each person has a locus of control which he claimed is either external or internal. There have been many studies conducted on the theory of locus of control. Findings from the majority of these studies demonstrate that individuals with a high, internal locus of control tend to perform better academically and in career settings. The articles that you will read this week can be directly applied to your educational and career pursuits. As such, the Discussion Forum posts for this week focus on the direct application of the researcher’s findings on locus of control to each of your academic and vocational  goals.
Before the Initial Post:

Take the Locus of Control Test from the Personality Test Center Online.
Read the article on locus of control concerning Ozen et al., (2011) and academic performance.

In your initial post include all of the following:

Briefly describe locus of control.
Describe your results of the locus of control personality test.
How do you perceive your results and are they accurate or inaccurate in your opinion?
Briefly describe how locus of control affects learning outcomes from the Kutanis et al., (2011) journal article.
From what you have learned through your online test results, watching the video and reading journal article, briefly describe how you can personally improve your internal locus of control and what you can do to become a better academic learner. Please avoid saying that you have no areas to improve upon as we all can make improvements in our personality and learning abilities.

Make initial post
250-300 words


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