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Qualitative – Research Plan Length:2500 words Using a business problem that is of concern in your…

Qualitative – Research Plan
Length:2500 words
Using a business problem that is of concern in your workplace or in an organisation that you are familiar with, perform the following tasks:
1. Briefly provide some background information to the organisation.2. Identify a general business problem or opportunity where a research study could assist decision making.3. As part of the preliminary information gathering process conduct a brief literature review on the problem area. In writing your review, note that with a literature review the researcher critically analyses what has been written and relates it to the specific problem he or she is addressing. In other words, literature reviews are not about passively accepting and communicating the views of other writers. Employ at least five reference articles in your review.4. Define the specific research question(s) for the general problem.5. Identify a qualitative research method (in-depth interviews, focus groups, etc) that could be used to address the identified problem. Justify with reasons, your choice of method.6. Using the qualitative method discussed in the previous task, develop a qualitative research plan detailing how you would conduct the research that addresses the research question(s).
The research plan should address, at least, the following:What type of issues/questions should be explored? If using focus group, prepare the moderator’s guide; if using in-depth interviews, prepare the interview guide.How many groups, interviews or case studies would you recommend?How will you select the sample of research participants?Location – i.e. where should the interviews /groups be conducted?How would you propose the data be analysed?What are the ethical implications of your research, and how will they be addressed?Rationale
This assignment is designed to address how the researcher would plan a qualitative research methodology to investigate a business problem. The capacity to know how to identify, collect preliminary information on and develop a research plan for a business problem is critical for business success. This task will help you develop the following learning outcomes: identify a business reserach opportunity; synthesise literature; apply appropriate methods; plan and design a research project; justify the use of qualitative research techniques and discuss ethical issues in business research.Presentation
A written report is required as part of the requirements of the assignment.
A natural format for a response is to use the tasks listed under assignment task as section headings (appropriately reduced and modified) for the written report.
The report should follow all the standard academic requirements for presentation including an appropriate list of cited references.Requirements
You need to appropriately reference all the articles you employ in developing your report. Please use the APA style, information can be found at the CSU Referencing website at
In preparing the assignment the following conditions must be followed.1. No actual research involving the collection of primary data from human participants should be performed, i.e., interviews, observation, focus groups, surveys, ..etc.2. Identities of the organisation and its employees should not be disclosed in the assignment. This means removing any information in the assignment which could potentially identify the organisation and its employees.3. The assignment should not contain any private and/or commercial-in-confidence information which is not available publicly.

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