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Qep essay paper please see instructions below | NURSING | Miami-Dade College

 Health promotion is the act of empowering clients to take control over and achieve their optimal level of health. Utilizing the topics listed below and evidence-based practice, you will write a scholarly paper on health promotion including the following:
• Introduction to the topic (select one of the topics below)
• Description of the disease process (topic) selected
• Implement 4 health promotion measures involved in the prevention and care of
client with the disease process (topic) selected from the textbook, nursing journal
articles, and evidence-based practice, including complementary therapies.
• Analyze how health promotion can improve the client’s overall health and avoid
complications (include modifiable and non-modifiable factors such as age, gender, ethnicity, and lifestyle). Be sure to compare/contrast what happens to patients if they implement health promotion strategies and what could happen if these activities are not implemented.
• Reflection on what you learned from the assignment and how it will impact your practice in the future
 Your paper must be APA format and at least 750 words not to exceed 1000 words.
• Double space your paper and use Times New Roman standard 12-point font.
• Proofread your paper, meet with a writing tutor, and present proof of seeing a writing
tutor before submitting your paper to “Turn-it-in.”
• A minimum of two (2) references must be used. The two references will include the
required class textbook and at least one outside scholarly source (ex. journal article), and health organization (CDC, ADA). APA format must be used in citing and referencing sources.

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