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Purpose: This assessment is designed to allow students to develop…

Assessment 2Assessment Type: Analytic assessment – 2000 words + 10% – individual assessmentPurpose: This assessment is designed to allow students to develop research and analytical skills to show how the genres function and give examples of how the genres differ and how they accomplish what they are intended to do in speech and in written work. This assessment relates to Learning Outcomes c and d.Value: 30% Due Date: Week 10 – 5.00 pm Tuesday of Week 10 Submission: Upload a soft copy – Word .doc or .doc to Moodle and TurnitinTopic: The effect of a particular genre on the grammar of a textTask Details: Students are to choose a particular genre and discuss, using examples, how the genre will affect the grammar of a text. Responses are to be developed into a short report. More details will be available in class and via Moodle in week 6.Research requirements: Students are to support their analysis and conclusions with the text(s) and a minimum of 6 recent (written since 2007 where possible) and relevant academic journal articles. Other academically sources may also be used.Presentation: Word .doc or .docx – 2000 + 10% word short report – title page, executive summary, table of contents, suitable headings and subheadings, conclusions, in-text referencing and reference list (Harvard – Anglia style). Typed using 12 pt Times New Roman or 11 pt Calibri fonts. Single line spacing,Marking Guide: Analysis 30% Application / examples 20% Research – extent and application 30% Presentation 20%This mark will be scaled to a mark out of 30.TSL701Marking rubric for TSL701 Linguistics for Language Teaching Assessment 2CriteriaFail (0 – 49%)Pass (50 – 64%)Credit (65 – 74%)Distinction (75 – 84%)High Distinction (85 – 100%)Analysis of the grammar, context and situation of the text. Learning outcome (c)Limited understanding of genre and textual grammarSatisfactory knowledge demonstrated by correct identification of genres and limited application of grammatical analysisShows analytical skill based on knowledge of functional grammarAnalysis contains a complex assortment of analytical tools and they are used accuratelyAnalyses illuminate the text and show a depth of understanding of the possibilities for functional analyses of textsApplication of knowledge to teaching. LO (d)Limited application in a rudimentary mannerTexts are incorporated into a basic lesson planShows some understanding of the way textual analysis can improve the learners’ experience and comprehension of the languageShows a clear understanding of the way textual analyses can inform teachingThe choice of text is integrated into the lesson and the elements of the text are made clear to the teacher and the learnerKnowledge of recent research. LO (d)Limited knowledge of readingsUses recent readings in a way that shows some knowledgeUses recent readings to support argumentsArguments are based on recent or mainstream readingsShows evidence of wide reading among academic sources and these are integrated into the argumentsPresentation. LO (a)Does not meet guidelinesMeets basic guidelines with some errorsMeets basic guidelines with very few errorsMeets most guidelinesMeets all guidelinesTotal mark ______/ ________Comments:

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