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Proposal Assignment Sheet Paper relative on text:Bordo,Susan. “The Globalization of Eating…

ProposalAssignment Sheet
Paper relative on text:Bordo,Susan. “The Globalization of Eating Disorders.”
Our next assignment deals with a brief, butimportant, form of academic writing: the Proposal.You will develop the paper you propose hereas your Synthesis #2. For a number of reasons, theProposal is an assignment you want tomaster for our class and beyond.
In upper-level classes, you may writeproposals for long projects and essays. You will also useproposals in formulating business plans andalmost any group project that involves producingdocuments or other deliverables. Proposalsare also embedded in the writing process itself in theInvention stage of discovering an idea.Finally, a proposal is often the first step in taking actionto get something done or secured in manyindustries. Proposals, and proposal writing, count agreat deal. Our Proposal assignment willtake a general approach and provide you with the basicsto build on in your later courses.
The Assignment
To prepare for Synthesis #2 (i.e. athesis-driven research paper in which the writer uses multiplesources for support), please write aproposal on a topic that both interests you and is new to you.Please do not write about a topic you havewritten about before in any course; this will help usavoid“self plagiarism.†You have agreat deal of freedom with regard to topic selection;however, you are limited to a topic thatis, even in some way, related to the area of“Health andMedicine†and that is somehow connected toat least one (1) of the readings from this chapter ofthe Common Reader.
Assignment Specifics
Your Proposal should be lessthan 2 pages in length and lay out a specific plan for developinga 10-page paper in whichyou use 10 sources for support (i.e. Synthesis #2).
Your Proposal will have three distinct parts: Introduction, Discussion, andConclusion. Pleaseuse these subheadings in your Proposal. Youmay use first or third person in the Proposal.
Your Introduction should outline the topicarea, your interest, and what motivated orsparked your curiosity.
The Discussion (or body) section shoulddiscuss what you think you may find out orwhat areas you are eager to learn about inyour writing. At some point in this section,discuss the textbook source that somehowfigured into your proposal and interest.(Perhaps, the articles left you with aquestion or need for further information…)
The Conclusion section should list yourmethod of pursuing your topic—step by step.What will you do first, and why? Will youbegin writing, researching, or a little of both?Be concrete here. Do not leave the readerguessing. What sorts of writing processes willyou follow? How many drafts will youprobably compose? When and where will you do research? (Be as specific aspossible—i.e.,“I will write 2 pages of freewriting to think ofideas to research along with a 10-itemlist.â€) Remember: you are proposing to do alonger, 10-page essay about this topic, sotry to propose a realistic approach andmethod(s) here.

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