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Probation and Parole *Research Paper Guidelines* > > > > The purpose of the research…

Probation and Parole
*Research Paper Guidelines*>>>> The purpose of the research paper is to allow you to learn more about a> topic in probation and or parole.  Late papers will incur a 5% penalty for> each day it is late. Papers will not be accepted that are more than 2 days> late.  The paper should be 5 pages in length with standard one inch> margins. It must be typed and double spaced.  All statements you obtain> from published sources should be carefully documented. Use either the MLA> or the APA writing format to cite your sources and include a reference> page. *You will be penalized for departing from the length, format, and> referencing style requested.*>>
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CRJU 1043 Probation and Parole
Probation is used to describe a period before an offender is actually sent to jail or prison. When a defendant is granted probation, the judge gives him or her opportunity to show the desire to rehabilitate. In this case, the defendant is given probation without a pre-determined sentence. On the other hand, parole is the period after a defendant is freed from prison. Some of the conditions associated with parole require the defendant to continue meeting financial obligations while staying in a halfway house.  The functions of parole and probation tend to be similar in the sense that both are focus on helping the defendant to cease from the bad behaviors………………..
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