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preparing for treatment – tv families (discussion #2

 Please use Attachment Theory.. VIdeo Url is below
Step 2: Identify one (1) theory/therapeutic model that was presented in Modules 3 or 4 that you believe would be ideal to use a “treatment model” for an identified issue with the family in the video clip that you have selected.
Step 3: Post a discussion that provides the following information:
(a) indicate the video you selected;
(b) include a brief summary/description of the theory/therapeutic model, to include who is well known with regard to development of the theory/model (e.g., John Bowlby);
(c) describe the identified issue and why you believe this treatment model would be ideal to use for an identified issue with the family on the clip; and
(d) then, include a specific example from that highlights how the treatment model that you have selected would be ideal to use with the family’s identified issue.

This selected treatment model must be based on: (1) a reading in your textbook, (2) an article listed in module 3 or 4, or (3) a video listed in module 3 or 4.
Be sure to cite with the author(s), year, and page number(s) or minute mark(s) when citing the treatment model.

Step 4: Once you post, review and respond to at least one other person in the class with a meaningful/thoughtful response. 

For example:

You might identify an aspect of communication as an issue with one of the family’s in the clip.
In the discussion posting, you would indicate which clip you chose AND that you see communication is the identified issue.
You would then elaborate on why communication is an issue an how you see that it impacts the family (clear example of how the issue impacts the family).
Next, you would identify a treatment model presented in module 3 or 4 that you believe would be best to use to begin to address the issue with the family as well as who is well known for developing the theory, and why that theory would be best (with a description of the model that includes citations/references). 
You would also locate a specific example in an article, textbook, or video related to the model (for instance, communication/experiential information that demonstrates how the model was effective, and, therefore, might translate as being effective or promising with the family in the video clip).
Be sure to give clear information on why that theory would be best, based on your understanding of the model – use citations to support your claim!
Then, you thoughtfully respond to another person in the course.

Note: this discussion posting is designed to help prepare your thinking regarding the Family Treatment Paper. In that regard, this discussion post serves as a type of practice to help you prepare for the family treatment paper.
Video chosen:  below
Choose attachment theory to discuss

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