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Powerpoint presentation on PICOT |

I would like to give you some guidance on the unit 4 assignment which is a 12-15 slide PowerPoint presentation. It is important to look at both the assignment instructions and the grading rubric to ensure that you understand the requirements.

12-15 slides which include:
A title page
An introduction of what you want to accomplish with your presentation
Give an overview of your clinical problem and define your clinical question/PICOT
Give overview of the database(s) that you used in your search, discuss the search terms that were used, how many articles resulted, and how you narrowed your search to find the articles that you selected for this project. You should include at least 3 RCT’s , you may also utilize systematic reviews of RTC’s, related to your clinical inquiry.
For each study, 2 or 3 slides discussing the following:

An overview of the study, purpose, methods, findings, level of evidence.
Discuss the descriptive statistics (these are the basic numbers that describe and define the sample, the data, the results), make sure to include the sample size, p-factor and strength of evidence.

A slide with your reference list.

Please do not make the slides too busy. The majority of the information should be in the PPT notes area. The slides should only contain the major key elements.
Let me know if you have any questions about this assignment

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