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Power Point On Compensation Strategy For Workers

Project Description:Compensation Strategy for Knowledge WorkersTo prepare for this assignment, review Waring’s article about employee compensation,Note: both links contain the same information; only one needs to be reviewed.Waring, D. (2013). How to design an employee compensation plan [SlideShare slides]. Retrieved from ref= Waring, D. (2013).How to pay employees – The ultimate guide. Retrieved from are the director of compensation for a midsized organization. Prepare a PowerPoint presentation that justifies the implementation of a new compensation strategy that will support the motivational needs of knowledge workers and reinforce the real-time performance appraisal system that the organization has embraced. While your goal is to retain, motivate, and grow the current workforce of multi-generational knowledge workers, you must also justify to your senior management that this compensation strategy is competitive in the marketplace.Your presentation should describe a compensation program for knowledge workers. The title of the knowledge worker’s position is entirely up to you (e.g., sales executive I, systems engineer III, etc.).Be sure to address the questions below in your presentation.What is the compensation strategy being proposed?Did employees provide input?Who else provided input?What incentives are included in the plan?How will it motivate the employees?How will employees determine fairness of the pay structure?Why do you believe the employees will be satisfied with this plan?

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