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June 11, 2021
PROMPT: Psychoanalysis The causes of human behavior, including Gestalt, Neo-behaviorism, and Freud. Freud’s work is a popular topic of discussion in the field of psychology. While most do not acce
June 11, 2021

Post Module Assignment
Order Description
(i) Research and analyse the conduct of ONE of the following high-profile projects/programmes:
a) The BBC Digital Media Initiative(DMI), (2008-2013)
b) The London 2012 Legacy Programme
c) UK Home Office e-Borders Programme (2007-2014)
(ii) Discuss what is meant by ‘successful’ and whether the project/ programme you have selected was OR was NOT considered successful, and
(iii) Analyse and discuss some of the factors or practices that contributed to this outcome (successful/not successful). To what extent are these a result of good/poor project/programme strategy?
Illustrate your answer with examples from the case study and theory.
(iv) Suggest how utilisation of programme or project ‘best practice or theory’ either contributed to the success or might have improved the situation/ avoided the problems.
1. Please read the file named (Assignment (PMA) require), the specific requirements are inside.
2. Please read all files I have uploaded first then star to write.
2. Please write according to the knowledge of the documents I have uploaded, do not to use too much knowledge outside the document.
3. Please use the READING LIST in the document as a reference, DO NOT use too much external website reference (you can use other journal or paper as a reference, but not too much, 4-6 is best)
1. Define it’s project or programme? why?
2. Do not write too much background.
3. Must use risk management method, Bow-tie method, B-O-O-P model, stakeholder analysis and etc..
4. At lease 10 successful/not successful factors.
In the case study we studied a case company called Readyfood. We analyzed the company’s current situation and the problems we faced. Analyze the company by using tools and methods such as PESTLE,
fiv eagle analysis, critial successful factor, risk analysis (B-O-O-P MAP), stakeholder attitude map.


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