Positive Self-Esteem and Narcissistic Personality Styles

December 15, 2017
Sexual Orientation:
December 15, 2017

Self-esteem is a person?s evaluation of his or her own sense of self, which is fundamentally positive or negative (Sedikides & Gregg, 2002). This is a multifaceted construct that can be delineated further as both dispositional or enduring (trait self-esteem) or as a ?transient psychological condition? (state self-esteem) (Sedikides & Gregg, 2010, p. 101). Those with extremely high self-esteem are understood as narcissistic and rely more heavily on validation from others to maintain their sense of self (Kernis & Paradise, 2002). Those with a positive self-esteem tend to have a realistic view of themselves and can maintain their sense of self independently.
For this Discussion, review this week?s media program, Week 2: The Virtual Office, and select one of the women in the program exhibiting positive self-esteem or narcissistic personality style. Explain the potential outcomes that might develop based on the woman?s behavior.
With these thoughts in mind:
Post an explanation of the difference between positive self-esteem and narcissistic personality style. Then describe whether the woman you selected in the media exhibits positive self-esteem or narcissistic personality style and explain why. Finally, based on whether the woman is displaying positive self-esteem or narcissistic personality style, explain two potential outcomes of her behavior in her work setting.