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July 6, 2020
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Follow the steps below:

The countries are (Pakistan and UAE)

You are tasked with composing a paper comparing two countries of your choosing (you will identify your selections which will be designated during class discussion).

The comparative paper will depict the following components of your countries:

  • Physical Geography
  • Cultural, economic, historical aspects of each country
  • Governmental policies and practices

As well, it will feature common challenges like:

  • Climate, Global Climate Change, Environmental Issues
  • Population, Migratory Patterns
  • Poverty, Inequality and Development

Comparative Country papers will include the following sections (sources listed at the end of each section are for use in gathering information and are suggestions):

  1. Introduction
  2. Physical Geography
  3. Cultural aspects
  4. Historical aspects
    a.Historical overview of your country
    b. Colonialism and neocolonialism (was it a former colony?)
    c. Consider sources like: historical profiles in CIA World Factbook, Global Issues in Context database
  5. Economic aspects
    a. Overall economic strength of your country? (GDP, PPP, key exports and imports)
    b. Type of economic system?
    c. Barriers for development?
    d. Who contributes aid to your country? How is aid distributed? Is it a successfully coordinated distribution?
    e. Consider sources like: UN sources, such as the UNDP, OECD, USAID, World Bank
  6. Governmental aspects
    a. Type of political system (today and historically)
    b. Leadership (who is in charge, other political influencers)
    c. Consider sources like: political profiles in CIA World Factbook, Global Issues in Context database, think tanks like Brookings, Foreign Affairs articles highlighting your country
  7. Other aspects
    1. Climate, Global Climate Change, Environmental Issues
    2. Population, Migratory Patterns
    3. Poverty, Inequality and Development (UN SDGs by 2030?)
      Overall progress?
      b. Will targets be met?
      c. Which targets might be met?
      d. Which target will take effort?
    4. What social issues does the country currently face?
      Strengths and weaknesses
      b. Gender, Race, Identity and any laws that support social factors
      c. Education
      d. Health
      e. Consider sources like: UN sources, current news articles
    5. Conclusion


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