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Pine Technical College Bike Helmet Safety Pediatric Teaching Project

Teaching is on: BIKE HELMET SAFETY
Pediatric Health Promotion Grading Rubric


Points available

Points earned



Apply Appropriate Growth and Development Theory Review family stages and developmental theory (see pages lxix in Ward & Hisley text)


Apply teaching/learning principles for the child


Apply teaching/learning principles for the adult (parent, caregiver, guardian)


PLANNING (learning outcomes)

Review “Teaching” Powerpoint located in Module 2 to write goals in the 3 domains.

S.M.A.R.T.Client Outcome in Cognitive Domain


S.M.A.R.T.Client Outcome in Affective Domain


S.M.A.R.T. Client Outcome in Psychomotor Domain



Include a detailed outline/summary of the content that you will teach


Describe at least two teaching methods
Makes these appropriate for the age group you are teaching (questions alone is not sufficient).


Describe/include materials. Create an activity that is educational and engaging. The following are examples: stories, songs/music, games, crafts, age appropriate activities for the children. All tables will have a poster board to engage the children.
You can create a pamphlet for the adults present. No Power Points.


Initiate teaching session– how will you begin the teaching session to engage your client? What are the best strategies for engaging/educating children at this developmental level? Please describe techniques.


Teaching vs Telling- Explain the difference between telling and teaching? How will this impact your presentation?



Explain how you will evaluate the learner? Identify the evaluation strategy. Include how you will evaluate the effectiveness of your education. How will you make sure the children understood the education you provided?


Resources: Utilize APA format with in-text citations for both the rubric responses and the teaching/learning material. Include cover page with student names. Responses will be clear and logical.


Total Points


Pediatric Health Promotion Clinical Assignments
Pediatric Health Promotion Teaching

Work within your assigned groups to apply growth and development theory, teaching/learning principles and the teaching process as it relates to the assigned Child Health Promotion Topics. Nurses in a variety of clinical settings often find themselves actively involved in the teaching role with children and families. In these pediatric clinical experiences, you will be promoting health related topics for both preschool age children (infant -5 years) and parents. Adults will accompany their children

Within your assigned groups prepare a 5- minute presentation on your identified Health Promotion Topic. You will present the topic to preschool children ages 16 months – 5 years of age.
You must prepare for age group between 12months – 5 years of age (preschool). Specifically utilize stories, songs/music, games, crafts, age appropriate activities for the children. All tables will have a poster board to engage the children. Pamphlets can be available for the adults however additional creative strategies must be included. Do not utilize videos. Hands on activities are the best. Asking questions cannot be the only teaching strategy. It can be used to encourage dialogue with the children/adults. Be prepared to sit on the floor with the children to implement your activities. It is best to be at eye level with them.
Preschool children do like rewards and I have found that stickers are the best.Do not plan to give “take aways” such as toothbrushes because there will be too many children.However, it is ok to give stickers. No need to feel obligated to give anything away.
Each group will create a table top poster to highlight their topic and engage the children For those students doing hearing and vision testing the presentations will be done in the classroom.

Strategies to teach Pre-School andSchool- Age children ((Directions: Copy and Paste links into your browser)
Developmental Stages of the learner
Teaching school age

Teaching school age children

Group List and Label Teaching Strategy and video example
Turn and Talk-Information and video example

Read Story and ask questions and video example

Building Reading Comprehension through Questioning Techniques

Anchor Charts and video examples
Strategies to calm students

Redirecting behavior

Health Promotion: The School Aged Child
Center for Disease Control (CDC)

Youth Health Promotion Topics (A to Z)

World Health Organization: U.S. Department of Human Services:

Denver Training Manual about the purpose and value of this screening tool can be found in your class text, Ward & Hisley page 791.)

Disregard the notice that the “operations have been closed” Click on Denver II Test Form- English to view the form and associated activities. Complete the requested information to access the materials. In addition, there are more links below that provide additional information for age appropriate activities.
Click on “Milestones”, click on “Download the milestone checklists”
To the left click on “Tools”
Scroll down the center to “ Developmental Checklists Birth to 5 Years”

CDC Act Early
Early Childhood Direction Center Women and Children’s Hospital of Buffalo, New York

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