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Physics (including Earth and space sciences)

Measuring the Speed of Light
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During this laboratory you will attempt to measure the speed of light using a microwave oven. You and your lab partner are responsible for typing up a report on your findings. Unlike other experiments you will not be given a specific set of instructions for carrying out the measurement, instead you’ll be tasked with finding those on your own.
Introduction: Standing waves on a string occur at specific frequencies related to the velocity of the waves in that string. By examining the positions of the nodes and antinodes one can determine the wavelength of the waves traveling along the string. If the frequency of those waves is also known, then the velocity of those waves can be calculated.
The waves inside of a microwave are also standing waves. So can we use this same procedure to calculate the speed of light by measuring the distances between the antinodes (hot spots) inside a microwave oven

The Goal: To examine the possibility of measuring the speed of light using a microwave oven and some food item such as chocolate or cheese.
1. INVESTIGATION: See what others have done. Using the internet, look up papers and videos of others who have attempted to measure the speed of light using a microwave oven. What was their procedure What were they’re results Can they be verified through the presented media How accurate are they What
are their claims Etc. 2. EXPERIMENTATION: Choose any one of the experiments and attempt to reproduce it using your own microwave. Report the results of your first attempt. Include a picture including your measuring device so that your results can be verified. 3. RESULTS: What were your results If you were able to calculate the speed of light, what was your percent error Compare your results with those posted on the internet, how are they similar How are they different Etc

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