Physician Assisted Death

nursing standards
May 17, 2020
Motivational Interviewing
May 17, 2020

Your paper must meet length requirements; 2000 words, not counting the works cited
Your paper must include a separate Work Cited page, minimum of 8 sources but more is
encouraged (using a variety of sources, i.e. not just websiteslook to peer reviewed journals and
even primary source information if applicable. Library research week will be useful). You are
required to use at least 2 journal or peer reviewed sources.
You will use MLA formatting and citations throughout
Your paper will include at least one (1) relevant, original visual, such as a chart or graph (of
course, properly cited). You cannot copy + paste the graphic from another source, you need to
make this graphic. The visual will help support your thesis by making or clarifying a point (not
merely clip-art)


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