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Patton-Fuller Community Hospital Virtual Organization health and medicine homework help

Hi this isa team assignment and this is the part of the assignment that I need to work onHow did the auditedand unaudited financial statements differ?whoever doesthishas to go to the annual report to find this information.Resource:Patton-Fuller Community Hospital VirtualOrganizationReviewthefinancial statements located in the Patton-Fuller Community Hospital VirtualOrganization.Writea 350- to 700-wordsummary that addresses the following:009 – 2008 Balance Sheet (Audited)PDFMicrosoft Excel2009 – 2008 Balance Sheet (Unaudited)PDFMicrosoft Excel2009 – 2008 Statement of Cash FlowsPDFMicrosoft Excel2009 – 2008 Statement of Retained Earnings andStockholders’ EquityPDFMicrosoft Excel2009 – 2008 Statement of Revenue and Expense(Audited)PDFMicrosoft Excel2009 – 2008 Statement of Revenue and Expense(Unaudited)PDFMicrosoft Excel2009 Interim Statement of Income (Unaudited)PDFMicrosoft Excel

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