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Health History and Screening of an Adolescent or Young Adult Client
February 8, 2018
Compare/Contrast · Treaties vs. Executive Agreements
February 9, 2018

I will need to deliver an 8-10 minute presentation according to these guidelines for Intro to Humanities class.
Cite mainly from The Art of Being Human, by Janaro and Altshuler, 10th edition.
So here’s the rest of the instructions;
· Define in your own words what it means to be free and fully human. Then discuss these points:
(1) How the humanities help us in becoming fully human,
(2) How the content of this class has helped you begin an exploration in the art of becoming human, and
(3) Why we should strive to be fully human.
In your presentation use examples from at least two disciplines of the humanities (literature, art, music, theater, film, etc.), and two themes of the humanities (religion, morality, happiness, love, life affirmation, freedom).
Presentation Outline. Your presentation must contain the following elements (student targets):
I. Audio clips and visual material to support the presentation
II. A title that neatly summarizes your presentation
III. An introduction
1. Let your audience know what it is you are going to show
2. Let your audience know what the purpose the presentation is
3. State your thesis/central idea (a single point to be made)
4. Do a preview of the main points (3 to 4)
5. A transition into the first point
IV. Body / Content. For each main point:
1. State it clearly and separately (topic sentence)
2. Explain your point
3. Use appropriate support (visual aids, audio or video clips, direct quotations) -Limit quotations to 20 words or less. If using video or audio clips use two only and limit them to 45 secs. –cite the source as you speak. Audio visual clips are on top of your 8-minute presentation.
4. Cite sources as required in MLA
5. Transition into the following point
V. Conclusion
1. Restate main idea (paraphrase; do not use the same exact wording)
2. Review the main points
3. Call the audience to action (make suggestions to your audience regarding the main points you made in your presentation—how your points might be relevant to them as well)
VI. Works Cited Slide
Create your storyboard: the script or narrative you will be using to record your voice as you advance your presentation slides.
Each slide must contain thorough notes and examples etc. What I need to read with each slide, so I am able record the presentation