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Read and watch the lecture resources & materials below early in the week to help you respond to the discussion questions and to complete your assignment(s).(Note: The citations below are provided for your research convenience. You should always cross reference the current APA guide for correct styling of citations and references in your academic work.)ReadLoBiondo-Wood, G. & Haber, J. (2014).Chapter 11Online Materials & ResourcesExplore/View the website(s) below:Cochran. (2019). About us. (Links to an external site.)Joanna Briggs Institute. (2018). Joanna Briggs Institute – JBI. (Links to an external site.)Joanna Briggs Institute. (2016, January 27). The Joanna Briggs Institute. Better evidence. Better outcomes [Video file]. Joanna Briggs Institute. Better Evidence. Better Outcomes (Links to an external site.)University of Iowa Health Care. (2014, December 18). 2014 Magnet Prize Award Presentation[Video file]. Magnet Prize Award Presentation (Links to an external site.)Start at 7:53 to hear their story.What do you see as similarities and differences between the research process, the Evidence-Based Practice process, and nursing process? Include rationale to support your response.Submission Instructions:Your initial post should be at least 500 words, formatted and cited in current APA style with support from at least 2 academic sources.All replies must be constructive and use literature where possible.Your assignment will be graded according to the grading rubric.
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