Nursing Competencies

Write an essay to explain why John Hu became “mad” in Question of Hu
January 3, 2021
a looming physician, pharmacist, and nursing shortage, in addition to a large number of aging baby boomers
January 3, 2021

NO PLAGIARISM. APA FORMAT. Each question must have at least 3 paragraphs and you must use at 3 least references included in your post.

1. There is a wide variety of perspectives and frameworks from which to practice nursing. After reading the various framework and theories presented, which most closely matches your beliefs? Please explain why?

2. After reading the Nurse of the future: Nursing core competencies on page 84, please describe how you plan to apply these 10 core competencies into your daily Nursing practice. Please be sure to address all 10 competencies and give specific examples.

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