mkt315 week 7 discussion 1 and response

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April 8, 2021
Polling Organization
April 8, 2021

Week 7 Discussion 1

“Promotion Strategies” Please respond to the following:

  • From the e-Activity, discuss key points addressed in the podcast. Provide suggestions for improvement.
  • Compare and contrast the push promotion strategies. Explain why some are believed to be kinder and gentler than others.



RE: Week 7 Discussion 1

Good morning Professor and Classmates,

From the article I found describing the differences in Push and Pull Strategies in Marketing, one factor is obvious. (1) Push strategies are designed to put an item in your mind, or in front of you, and targeted toward making a short term sale, such as those rows of items at the check out line in a grocer or the young lady who asks smilingly if you want your fries large or a desert with your meal. In the marketing channel, products are pushed from the wholesaler to the retailer to promote and sell their product instead of a competitors to a final user.

Pull marketing strategies are designed to develop brand loyalty by promoting via mass media and advertising sales promotions. (1) The marketing goal is to get the consumer to come explore the brand. The goal is to reach long term repetitive buyers. An example of this is the recent launch of the Disney Plus channel before Thanksgiving of last year. Specific American Broadcasting Company ( ABC) network shows promoted Disney’s new entertainment product and its compatibility with device technology, because Disney is the parent company to ABC.(2) In the marketing channel ABC as a recognizable cable channel acts as an ancillary channel member whose goal is to inform the public that the product is out there, and invite them to subscribe to it long term.

The textbook (3) describes push strategies as the kinder and gentler of the two however. Strategic advertising promotions such as entering trade shows who attract consumers to different types of products are able to use their sales force towards introducing and raising an awareness of a products qualities. Though the goal is the same to create sales, this type of advertising does not approach the consumer with the harshness that direct sales pitches which are expected at places such as the quick service restaurant or the discounted products placed at the check out line of a retailer. From the marketing channel participants perspective, kinder push strategies are conceived in training programs and developing quota specifications.


2. Barnes, Brook. 2019. Disney Is New to Streaming, But Its Marketing Is Unmatched. The York Times. [Online] October 27, 2019. [Cited: February 17, 2020.]

3. Rosenbloom, Bert. 2013. Marketing Channels: A Management View. 8. Mason : South Western, Cengage Learning, 2013. [Cited: February 17, 2020]


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