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Need Assistance with Assignment OM Del4
May 19, 2020
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May 19, 2020

My topic is CSR reporting in the pharmaceutical industry and the exploration of consumers’ and investors’ attitudes towards it.

I am writing a research proposal and I need a methodolgy. I started it I have my 

3.1 Chapter Overview and Research Questions, 3.2 Research Design, 3.3 Research Approach,3.4 Research Philosophy. I have a content analysis talking about some major Pharma companies and their CSR reporting, I can sen you that.

What I need is the part of the methodology talking about the use of secondary data which would be academic journals. In order to examine how consumers are affected by CSR reporting,survey data and interviews made by other scholars who have examined that topic with their researches would be used. In order to examine the effects on Investors, secondary resources would be used which includeCSR reports of major pharmaceutical companies, academic databases, journals, books, case studies, annual reports, and news. Basically I have to find academic journals that have made reserarches on how CSR reporting affects consumers. Then I will need exploration of Pharma companies’ annual reports and integrated reports for CSR disclosure. I need the secondary research part and limitations.  I also need Findings and Analysis and Discussion. 

I need that in 3 pages.