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Memorability Analysis speech – Empire Essays

Use the checklist below to evaluate each of the following speeches.
Memorability Analysis Checklist
• something to gain attention
• clear main ideas
• coherent transitions
• with details
• concrete, vivid, colorful • appropriate for the topic, audience, and event
• turn or twist of a popular phrase to make a new meaning
• use of a familiar concept or quote in a new way
• pace that fits the purpose – usually without rushing
• pauses and vocal variety to be expressive of the meaning – not just to have variety, but to carry the meaning of what is being spoken
• rhythm that adds power to the meaning of a key idea
• strong eye contact without staring or looking too much at notes, nor too long at any one person
• minimal physical movement, limited to movements that carry a purpose
Prepare and submit one document containing a brief evaluation of each video. Each evaluation should have three headings titled: Organization, Language, and Delivery. Keep your review short and to the point.
The Massachusetts 54th (0:49) (Lucas, 2011)
Reagan: Challenger (0:50) (Lucas, 2011)
Reagan: Normandy France (1:34) (Lucas, 2011)
Martin Luther King, Jr. I Have a Dream Speech (5:17minutes) (YouTube)
OR go directly to a transcript for the speech in the appendix of your textbook or at one of the sites below. You should be able to highlight key features electronically, or copy and highlight for your personal study and analysis on a printout.
Speech Transcript: “I have a Dream” by Martin Luther King, Jr. (National Archives)
For this last speech on your list, by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., you could find a lot of information all over the Web. Don’t go there. 

Use ONLY the resources you’ve been given above and the Memorability Checklist given above.
Thoughtfully report EXAMPLES that you can find in this speech to show its strength Organization (1 example), Language (3 examples), and Delivery (1 example) (so you will need to listen, too).
Look for imagery, metaphor, rhythm, parallelism, and repetition, and give examples of what you find. You will only be able to make inferences about eye contact, but think about it, and report what you think

The Massachusetts 54th 

The speaker begins the speech with a reflective statement, He begin by comparing the valley that was once very beautiful with what it has been of late; a valley full of dead bodies. This statement grabs the attention of listeners in that one will want to be more attentive to understand the transition of this valley.
The ideas are very clear in that when the speaker introduces a new point in the speech he does not leave it unexplained. He goes further to elaborate the new points and transit to the next. It ensures flow of the speech in a concise manner. However he introduces the main idea of sacrifice later in the speech, he starts off with the sub points of patriotism and bravery while it should be the other way round.
The language is very simple and clear to understand. He does not use jargons or ambiguous words at any point in the speech.
The speaker utilizes a good choice of words that enhance imagery to the listener. For example he describes the shoes worn by the 54th were no better than wrapped claw Katter. It helps the listener to visualize through imagination the state of substandard state of the situation.
He uses word that have a lot of emphasis minimizing too much explanation e.g. he says the team had the hunger to explore the world; it automatically tells about the immense will to explore and discover.
The speaker was a little bit too fast. He does not allow enough time for listeners to internalize the speech.
He does not employ constant eye contact. His speech is not memorized indeed he reads it from a written paper.
His tone does not show the seriousness of the issue he is addressing; the tone affects the mood and has an impact on the speech purpose and the listeners to.
The speaker is well organized. He knows what he is delivering and since it is sad new, he starts off with greetings. The speech was a remorseful one. He begins by recognizing the day as a day of mourning. It automatically sets the tone of the speech and also creates concern and attention to listeners. He transits from one idea to the next in a smooth manner such that he begins by identifying the theme and purpose of the speech, he reflects back on past events where three astronauts passed on and then addresses the current event in relation to previous occurrence. He does not forget to includes positive reviews in his speech which help to neutralize the sad state.
He finally offers hope to the American children who may be willing to join the space program. It shows responsibility and accountability of the recent happening with reference to future happenings.
The speech delivers sad new. The speaker has a good choice of words that do not exaggerate the tragedy. Indeed he puts it in a very simple and remorseful manner. Instead of using word such as ‘died “he uses” we have lost “thus immersing himself into the speech besides being the deliverer.
The language is simple to understand.
The speaker maintain a close eye contact.
His tone is in line with the appropriate tone for sad news delivery. He is soft spoken, calm and composed.
His speech is well memorized. He does not read it from anywhere.
He delivers the speech in a slow paced manner which offers time to listeners reflect and time for him to transit to the next point smoothly.
The facial expressions reflect the mourning spirit.
Normandy France
The speech does not start in an impressive manner. Before stepping to the podium the speaker takes out paper which has the written speech.
When all is silent he takes out the paper and immediately starts reading the speech. He does not recognize the people around, he starts off with “as president, distinguished guests” he does not greet the people either.
The transition is not very smooth since he quotes a lot of material in short span of the speech. In less than a minute he quotes General Bradley Omar and also quotes President Lincoln. It causes a mix up of ideas.
The language is detailed. It contains very long sentences. Although the word are simple, the long sentences bar the listener from understanding the importance or rededication.
The words chosen are appropriate within this event. They show commemoration of the anniversary. Use of words such as heroes, unity, rededicate, we will always remember, we will always be proud, we will always be prepared. The words show commitment and memory of the past happenings in reference to present happenings. They also show honor to the heroes who passed on.
The language is simple no jargons or ambiguous words or sentences.
The speaker does not maintain a constant eye contact. He keeps referring to the written material. He is actually reading on and on.
He quotes a lot of material in in almost every sentence. Thus most of the speech is composed of quotations instead of his own words.
The sentences are very long and hard to comprehend and internalize within the short time.
The speaker is fast paced denying the listeners a moment to sink into the speech. The speech was for commemoration purpose and if no time is denied to reflect back and honor the past events, the speech does not achieve its purpose.
I have a dream
He starts by calming the crowd. Once he gains the attention he starts of his speech. He begins the speech by a reflective statement. “Even though we mumble I have a dream”
His ideas are very simple and precise. He is direct to the point e.g I have a dream that one day all will sit in one table in brother hood, every point he has begins with the I have a dream quote hence preparing audience that he is transiting from one point to another.
The language is simple and precise.
The use of I have a dream quote emphasizes the points in the speech. Other phrases the speaker uses are with this faith, let the freedom ring all these phrases make the martins story memorable to the audience.
He repeats several word very many time such as freedom, justice, dream you and me among others.
He is precise and to the point I have a dream
He has memorized his speech accordingly and does not have reference material.
He has a consistent eye contact.
He is repetitive of the main points.
He utilizes physical movement of his hands in emphasis of a point.
He poses from point to point. His speech is slow paced. Posing gives time to listeners to internalize information.

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