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Medical tourism | Nursing School Essays

Use APA for any references used

1. Review these two web sites:

Based on the information provided, what (as a healthcare professional) would you recommend to a family member considering these services? Remember to build your recommendation on facts and relevant research (not opinion). Why would an overseas procedure be a good option? Why might it not? Why might someone want to come to the United States for medical treatment?
2. Research one of the following incidents.

Hurricane Andrew
The Northridge Earthquake
The 2001 postal anthrax attacks
Hurricane Katrina
The Joplin Tornado
The Tuscaloosa Tornado (see for a fascinating first person account)
Superstorm Sandy
The 2014 Ebola outbreak

How did the event impact the hospital and health community? What steps could have been taken to better prepare? To better respond? Does your institution or workplace have a continuity of operations (COOP) plan? Do you test it regularly?

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