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Instructor’s Name:
Assignment: SCI103 Unit 1 Lab Report
Title: Measuring pH Levels
Instructions: Enter the Virtual Lab, and conduct the experiments provided before going out into the virtual field for additional research. Please type your answers on this form. When your lab report is complete, submit it to the Submitted Assignments area of the Virtual Classroom.
General Resource Video:
Part I: Answer the following questions while in the Unit 1 lab environment.
Section 1: You will be testing 4 known solutions for pH levels using a standard wide-range indicator. Based off of the results obtained in the lab room, fill in the following table:

Solution Number
pH from Lab
Acid, Base or Neutral?
Solution Name (what was in the test tube?)

Solution 1

Solution 2

Solution 3

Solution 4

Section 2: Now that you understand how to read pH measurements, go out into the field to gather pH samples from 3 different lakes to take back to the lab for testing, and answer the following questions:
1.             What was the pH level measured at Lake 1?
2.             What was the pH level measured at Lake 2?
3.             What was the pH level measured at Lake 3?Which two lakes have the highest levels of acidity in their water?
Part II: For the following questions, provide your response in short-answer format (3–5 detailed sentences each). Use the links provided along with this Unit’s activities and resources to prepare your answers.
Using this link as a guide:
Look for at least three acids and at least three bases around your home.
4.      List and describe the acids you found.  What things do the acids have in common?
5.      List and describe the bases you found.  What things do these have in common?
6.      Look at your data for the three lakes in the virtual lab.  Acid rain is impacting two of these three lakes.  Explain what acid rain is and describe which two lakes are receiving acid rain.  Also, discuss how the location of each lake relates to their pH level.
Watch this video:
7.       Imagine a lake receives acid rain for an extended period of time.  The original pH of the lake was 6, but it has now dropped to pH 3.  How many times more acidic has this lake become?  What negative impacts can this amount of acidification have on the environment?
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