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Marketing strategies – group assignment

Tips for Building a Successful Sales Compensation Plan
YT video:

After reviewing the  blogs and videos answer the following:
You are provided with a scenario below.  As a group make a recommendation for the best approach for sales compensation plan based on what little information has been provided:
Scenario #1:  In the midst of the pandemic you work for a restaurant in New York City who is trying to keep their doors open.  Currently there is
only curbside pickup available.  You need to increase the number of pickup orders and you challenge the staff to come up with ideas and incentives to do so.  What is their plan?
Scenario #2: The restrictions are being lifted and you now can have a dining room at 50% capacity.  The community is still reluctant to return to in restaurant dining.  You need to have both pickup orders and book the in restaurant service to capacity to meet your minimum margins.  You challenge your staff to come up with ideas and incentives to do so.  What is their plan?
Paper length should be 5 to 6 pages in length using APA formatting and should include a cover page and reference page with a minimum of 5 resources used.  The cover page and resource page are not included in the page count. 

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